Terms and Conditions

The hirer must hold an EU driving license or an International driving license from other countries

Koukas Gerasimos Rent a Bike (www.mykonos-scooters.com) will hand over the vehicle in good condition and the hirer is obliged to return it in the same good condition

The hirer is responsible for checking the vehicle before returning it to Koukas Gerasimos Rent a Bike (www.mykonos-scooters.com)

The hirer is obliged to pay any compensation or fine, during the rental, which is against the Traffic Code

The hirer must notify Koukas Gerasimos Rent a Bike (www.mykonos-scooters.com) without delay of any accident, damage to the vehicle or bodily injury

The hirer is liable for transportation cost(s) of the vehicle in case of accident, damage or bodily injury, caused or contributed to by the hirer

The hirer is responsible for damage to the vehicle caused by accident and must pay Koukas Gerasimos Rent a Bike (www.mykonos-scooters.com) the corresponding daily agreed amount for all the days the vehicle is immobilized

The third party liability covers the hirer for accident that was not caused by him/her. In case of accident that was caused by him/her, he/she must pay the compensation for any damage

For every hour delay returning the vehicle to Koukas Gerasimos Rent a Bike (www.mykonos-scooters.com), the hirer will be charged 3 euro

If the hirer wishes to deliver the vehicle to a place other than to the bureau, it is only possible to do so if agreed in advance and has been added to the contract

Koukas Gerasimos Rent a Bike (www.mykonos-scooters.com) is not responsible for any damage that takes place anywhere other than Myconos island

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